Advanced Features  Advanced Features

Advanced DDNS features

This group of tutorials shows you how to configure advanced features (Aliases, Web redirect, Offline settings) in the control panel.

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An alias is a subdomain name for your primary domain name. For example, . You may create an alias with an 'A' or 'AAAA' record for your prmiary domain name in the control panel.

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Offline Settings

There are two options for offline settings, offline URL and offline message. Offline settings can help avoid the situation where visitors to your website see an error when your website/server is offline.

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Web Redirect

URL forwarding allows you to redirect visitors to your website to another URL of your choice, while port forwarding works for users whose ISP blocks port 80, which allows you to host your website on a port other than port 80 while maintaining the convenience of accessing your website with a regular URL without specifying the port number.

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