Outbound SMTP Relay  Outbound SMTP Relay

Outbound SMTP Relay

Does your ISP block outbound SMTP port 25 and you are not able to send out emails for your domain name? Do you need a smart host for your Microsoft Exchange Server? Your emails do not always reach their destination? Are you in need of an SMTP gateway to send out emails for your business (newsletters, account confirmations, password resets)? Our outbound SMTP relay service allows you to send emails through our servers, running both on standard (port 25) and non-standard ports (port 26, 2525, 465, 587).

Bypass ISP blocking outbound port 25!

Smart host for your MS exchange server!
Avoid exchange server blacklist!

SSL/TLS SMTP encryption!

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How does it work?

SMTP outbound relay service can allow you to send emails from any client, application or device that can connect to an SMTP server and authenticate with a username and password. It is authenticated on a username and password so you can use it from any place with an internet connection. Our SMTP relay server is specially designed to send emails so the performance and deliverability is better than SMTP relay servers provided by your ISP. You have the option to send emails to our servers using SSL, which can establish an encrypted connection between your device and our servers. You may also choose to connect to non-standard port like port 26, 2525, 587 and 465.

How can it be set up?

All you need to do is sign up for the service and set your outgoing SMTP to relay.dynu.com to use our SMTP server for outgoing messages. You will choose a login/password for your relay account to log onto our SMTP server after signing up.