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Advanced API

Our advanced API is available to perform core functions of the control panel and more programmatically. It is a powerful resource and a great alternative to managing your services through our conventional web control panel.

What is the benefit of advanced API?

Our fully-featured REST API gives you access to manage hostnames, DNS records and more without having to access the control panel. Companies, developers and researchers can incorporate our innovative services directly into software and services.

What is the pricing for advanced API?

Advanced API is free for all users. You may use it to manage your DNS as well as domain registrations and email services.

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Get the domain with {id} 365321

curl -v https://api.dynu.com/v2/dns/365321 \
        -H "accept: application/json" \
        -H "API-Key: <api-key>"

Responds with status code 200 if successful, returns the details of the domain.

      "statusCode": 200,
      "id": 365321,
      "name": "example.com",
      "unicodeName": "example.com",
      "token": "domain-token",
      "state": "complete",
      "location": "somename",
      "ipv6_address": 2001:cdba::3257:9652,
      "ttl": "1800",
      "ipv4": "true",
      "ipv6": "true",
      "ipv4WildcardAlias": "true",
      "ipv6WildcardAlias": "true",
      "allowZoneTransfer": "false",
      "dnssec": "true",
      "created_at": "2018-07-28T15:01:13",
      "updated_at": "2018-09-10T13:03:15"

Add name servers for the domain example.com:

curl -v https://api.dynu.com/v2/dns/100003587/record \
        -H "accept: application/json" \
        -d "{\"nodeName\":\"mailtest\",\"recordType\":\"A\",\"ttl\":300,\"state\":true,\"location\":\"\",\"ipv4Address\":\"\"}" \
        -H "API-Key: <api-key>" \
        -H "Content-Type: application/json"

Responds with status code 200 if successful.