WatchGuard Firebox WatchGuard Firebox

If you have a WatchGuard firebox, you may use the built-in Dynu option in the firewall to update IP address for your domain name.

Davodo Dynu Dynamic DNS

Log into the web interface of your firewall. In the menu bar, choose Dynamic DNS then External, you may apply these setting:

  • Enable Dynamic DNS for interface: check the checkbox as shown in the image
  • Interface Name: External
  • Provider:
  • User Name: enter your Dynu username, which could be found in the My Accounts section of the control panel.
  • Password: enter your Dynu password or IP update password. MD5 or SHA256 hash of the password is also accepted on our server side.
  • Confirm Password: same as the password
  • Domain: enter your hostname, for example, or
  • Options: Leave empty
  • Force Update: 1
If you still have questions on the configuration, you may contact support.