PF Sense  PF Sense

PFSense is an open source firewall/router computer software distribution based on FreeBSD. You may use Dynu dynamic DNS service with 'Custom' option.

PFSense Dynu Dynamic DNS

From the main menu, select Services then Dynamic DNS . Use the following settings:

  • Service Type : Custom
  • Interface to monitor : WAN
  • Interface to send update from : WAN
  • Username : your Dynu username
  • Password : your Dynu password or MD5 encrypted password
  • Hostname : or
  • URL : Dynu Custom IP Update URL
  • Result Match : good|nochg OR good|nochg|good %IP% OR leave empty depending on the version of PF Sense

  • Listing Item   Dynu Custom IP Update URL

    Update one domain name

  • Non SSL:
  • SSL Format:

  • Update all domains in your account

  • Non SSL:
  • SSL Format:

  • Update an alias

  • Non SSL:
  • SSL Format:
  • If you still have questions on the configuration, you may refer to the IP Update Protocol page or contact support.