HUAWEI HG 533/520v HUAWEI HG 533/520v

If you have a HUAWEI HG533 or HG520v router, you may use the GnuDip.http option in your router to avail our free dynamic DNS service.

HUAWEI Dynu Dynamic DNS

From the main menu, select Advanced then DDNS. Use the following settings:

  • Service Provider: Others
  • WAN Connection: nas_0_38
  • Host: If you have a Dynu subdomain, enter yourdomain . If you have your own domain name, leave this field empty.
  • Domain: If you have a Dynu subdomain such as, enter If you have your own domain name, enter
  • User name: your Dynu username
  • Password: your Dynu password, IP update password or MD5/SHA256 hash of password
  • Server address:
  • Server port: 8245
  • Protocol: GNUDip.http
  • Service name: Dynu or any other name your like

  • If you still have questions on the configuration, you may refer to the API page or contact support.