QNAP NAS (Network Attached Storage) has a 'Customized' option that you can use to configure Dynu's free dynamic DNS service.

QNAP Dynu Dynamic DNS

  • Select DDNS server: Customized
  • Profile Name: Dynu Free Dynamic DNS Service or any other name you want to use
  • Username: enter your Dynu username, which could be found in Contact Details in the control panel.
  • Password: enter your Dynu password or IP update password. MD5 or SHA256 of the password is also accepted on our server side.
  • Hostname: enter your hostname, for example, example.dynu.com or example.com
  • Check the external IP address automatically: 30 Minutes
  • URL: https://api.dynu.com/nic/update?hostname=%HOST%&username=%USER%&password=%PASS%&myip=%IP%

  • NOTE: We have feedback from users that you will need to port forward port 8080 to the Qnap NAS or the web comunication port that you have setup in the NAS settings.