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IP update client for Linux runs as a system service (systemd) and supports IPv4 and IPv6 updates. Users can use the location feature to update a collection of hostnames.


You can download and install the package using one of the commands below based on the Linux distribution.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
rpm -ivh

Ubuntu 16
URL=''; FILE=`mktemp`; wget "$URL" -qO $FILE && sudo dpkg -i $FILE; rm $FILE

Other Linux distributions

Before running the client, be sure to configure the client by modifying the configuration file. You can refer to the sample configuration file at /etc/dynuiuc/dynuiuc.conf.sample.

vi /etc/dynuiuc/dynuiuc.conf


IP update client requires a configuration file with appropriate settings to function. Below is a sample configuration:

username YOURUSERNAME  # Your account username.
password YOURPASSWORD  # Your account password or IP update password. 
location LOCATIONNAME  # Can be left empty. Location name can be assigned to hostnames in the control panel.
ipv4 true              # Can be true or false.
ipv6 false             # Can be true or false.
pollinterval 300       # IP update interval in seconds. Minimum is 120.
debug false            # Can be true or false.
quiet true             # Can be true or false.
Below is a sample configuration which updates IPv4 address and IPv6 address for all the hostnames with location 'Work' in webtester account:

username webtester
password somepassword
location Work
ipv4 true
ipv6 false
pollinterval 300
debug false
quiet true
Please use the following command to reload the service if you make a change to the config file:

systemctl restart dynuiuc.service


Manage the service using systemd:

systemctl start dynuiuc.service
systemctl stop dynuiuc.service
systemctl restart dynuiuc.service
systemctl status dynuiuc.service

To view and truncate log files:

View live log: tail -f /var/log/dynuiuc.log
View entire log file: cat /var/log/dynuiuc.log
Truncate log file: cat /dev/null > /var/log/dynuiuc.log
View service status: systemctl status dynuiuc.service -l

Failed to start dynuiuc.service: Unit dynuiuc.service not found.

systemctl daemon-reload