Thomson TG585v7  Thomson TG585v7

You can use our dynamic DNS service with Thomson TG585v7 by editing the custom profile in the following steps.

First you need to Telnet into your router at Once connected enter the following commands, you should use 'Enter' after each line.

dyndns service
You will be prompted to enter details of all the parameters for the service.

  • name = custom
  • [server] =
  • [port] = 80
  • [request] = /nic/update
  • [updateinterval] = 10800
  • [retryinterval] = 30
  • [max_retry] = 3

After entering all the values enter saveall to save all the settings. You may use list to get the list of Dynamic DNS services. The 'custom' option should look like this:

ThomsonTG585v7 Dynu Dynamic DNS
Then open your router's web interface in the browser and go to dynamic DNS section.

ThomsonTG585v7 Dynu Dynamic DNS

Use the following settings:

  • Enabled: check the checkbox
  • Interface: Internet
  • Username: enter your Dynu username, which could be found in 'Contact Details' in the control panel
  • Password: enter your Dynu password or IP update password. MD5 or SHA256 hash of the password is also accepted on our server side.
  • Service: custom
  • Host: enter your hostname, for example, or

If you still have questions on the configuration, you may refer to the API page or contact support.