BT Smart Hub BT Smart Hub

If you have a BT Smart Hub router, you may use the DNSOmatic option to update IP address for your domain name.

You need to first sign up for a DNSOmatic account by following the steps below:

1. Go to DNSOmatic website and sign up for an account
2. Log into the account and add a service at using the following:

  • Choose dynu from the service dropdown list
  • Username: your Dynu username
  • Password: your Dynu password
  • Domain: your Dynu hostname
BT Smart Hub Dynu Dynamic DNS

BT Smart Hub Dynu Dynamic DNS

Once you finished adding Dynu service with DNS Omatic, you may configure your router DDNS settings:

BT Smart Hub Dynu Dynamic DNS

  • Dynamic DNS: ON
  • Username: the username you used to sign up DNSOmatic account. In our example, we used dnsomaticuser.
  • Password: enter your DNSOmatic account password
  • Service:
  • Use multiple hosts: NO
  • Host: enter your Dynu hostname, for example, or
If you still have questions about the configuration, you may contact support.