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AutoDiscover Generic Settings

The AutoDiscovery service ensures that email accounts can be automatically configured in various email clients and devices.

Step 1: AutoDiscover via XML files

Some email clients need an XML file to obtain the email account settings. If you use our full service email, we host the XML for you and you can make it work by adding the below DNS records for your domain. You may also choose to host the XML file yourself http(s)://on An example can be found here.

autoconfig              IN CNAME
@                       IN TXT   "mailconf="

Step 2: AutoDiscover via SRV records

RFC6186 specification describes how SRV records can be used to locate email services. The below SRV records need to be added for your domain. For, the is

_autodiscover._tcp      IN SRV   0 0 443
_imap._tcp              IN SRV  10 0 143
_imaps._tcp             IN SRV   0 0 993
_pop3._tcp              IN SRV  20 0 110
_pop3s._tcp             IN SRV  10 0 995
_smtp._tcp              IN SRV  10 0 25
_smtps._tcp             IN SRV   0 0 465
_submission._tcp        IN SRV   0 0 587

NOTE: If you use our full service email and also host your domain's DNS with us, all records in Step 1 and Step 2 were added for you when you activated the full service email. If you need assistance with the DNS records, open a support ticket here.