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by ZoltanBathory on Thursday, March 26, 2020

Hi, at first i'll thank u for this really nice guide:(

But i have problem with that, coz i made all of this steps and it doesn't work.

1. I tried few wersions of minecraft serwer, and they are working only on LAN
2. I opened my 25565 port (port check attached)
3. I am using DNS on Dynu and i have public dynamic ip (
5. I am using your aplication on PC to map ip

I also add some rules on my pc windows defense to let use 25565 port.

But no one can join my server using "mypublicip":25565 or "myDNSServerhostname":25565

Can u give me some tips what can i check or how to solve this problem?

Thank u in advance

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Post Re: My minecraft server doesn't work
by grahamxpromz on Thursday, April 9, 2020

Not clear from your write up if you have configured anything on your router.
I'm assuming you are at home with a NAT router. It is strange you are getting a "success" if you don't have port forwarding enabled or have configured you PC to be a DMZ host (Dangerous) that has all inbound connections forwarded to it.

I use Dynu with a MC server behind a NAT and works just fine by name or Public IP address.

I would check your router config and ensure port forwarding is correctly setup.

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