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Post My minecraft server doesn't work
by ZoltanBathory on 2020年3月26日

Hi, at first i'll thank u for this really nice guide:(

But i have problem with that, coz i made all of this steps and it doesn't work.

1. I tried few wersions of minecraft serwer, and they are working only on LAN
2. I opened my 25565 port (port check attached)
3. I am using DNS on Dynu and i have public dynamic ip (
5. I am using your aplication on PC to map ip

I also add some rules on my pc windows defense to let use 25565 port.

But no one can join my server using "mypublicip":25565 or "myDNSServerhostname":25565

Can u give me some tips what can i check or how to solve this problem?

Thank u in advance

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Post Re: My minecraft server doesn't work
by grahamxpromz on 2020年4月9日

Not clear from your write up if you have configured anything on your router.
I'm assuming you are at home with a NAT router. It is strange you are getting a "success" if you don't have port forwarding enabled or have configured you PC to be a DMZ host (Dangerous) that has all inbound connections forwarded to it.

I use Dynu with a MC server behind a NAT and works just fine by name or Public IP address.

I would check your router config and ensure port forwarding is correctly setup.

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