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Sending and receiving email with Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager software system from Microsoft, available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Though primarily an email client. We will set up email account test@dynu.biz with Outlook to send and receive emails.

Step 1: Add an email account

Listing Item   After launching Outlook, click "File" on the top of the client interface, then click "Add Account" to add an email account.

Outlook 2010 Setup

Listing Item   Choose "Manually configure server settings or additional server types" to add email account test@dynu.biz. Click Next to continue.

Outlook 2010 Setup

Listing Item   Choose "Internet Email" and click Next to continue.

Outlook 2010 Setup

Step 2: Set up incoming and outgoing mail server

Listing Item  Choose a name for your account, which would be the name that people see when they receive email from you. Here we will just use Test. Email address is test@dynu.biz. As you continue, you will see incoming and outgoing mail server info. For IMAP account, choose type as "IMAP" and use yourname-extension-mail.dynu.com as incoming mail server. Use yourname-extension-smtp.dynu.com as outgoing mail server.

Listing Item   For Logon information, enter your full email address, and the password for the email account. After all the fields have been filled out, click on "More Settings" for further configuration.

Listing Item   In the window that shows up "Internet E-mail Settings", click on "Outgoing Server" and set up SMTP authentication as shown in the picture below.

Outlook 2010 Setup

Listing Item   Click on "Advanced" tab, use IMAP SSL port 993 for incoming mail server port and SMTP SSL port 465 for outgoing mail server port. Check the setting one more time and click Ok to save the settings.

Outlook 2010 Setup

Listing Item   Click "Finish" to complete the configuration

Outlook 2010 Setup

Now we will be able to send and receive email using test@dynu.biz.

NOTE: If you are using POP3 protocol, please change the incoming server address to yourname-extension-mail.dynu.com, and POP SSL port 995. If you are using non SSL port, please refer here for port information.