Im Trying to configure the DDNS of my router, I followed your tutorial for the Thompson TG585V7 that can be found in this link https://www.dynu.com/DynamicDNS/IPUpdateClient/Thomson-TG585v7

I basically followed this steps
1) Using Telnet I modified the custom service of my modem using this parameters

name = custom
[server] = api.dynu.com
[port] = 80
[request] = /nic/update
[updateinterval] = 10800
[retryinterval] = 30
[max_retry] = 3

2) In the Setup of my modem In the menu toolbox -> option Dynamic DNS I used the following settings
Enabled = true
Interface = internet
Username =Dynu Username
Password = Dynu password
Service = Custom
Host = webfilicos.com (this should be the name of my domain right?)

When I apply changes the setup says that there is an error with the connection, login or password and in the event log of my router it shows the next messages

Mar 24 18:36:49 DYNDNS Update failed for client dyndns_0
Mar 24 18:36:48 DYNDNS client dyndns_0 started
Mar 24 18:36:48 DYNDNS client dyndns_0 stopped

Am I doing something wrong? I can succesfully log in to www.dynu.com and change the IP of my domain using DDNS Services option in the Control Panel

Thanks in advance for the support


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