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Author Topic: Question on domain transfer

Lyle Mix

Joined: 6/30/2015

Post Question on domain transfer
Friday, October 02, 2015 12:37:28 AM

The status for my requested domain transfer shows "unable to determine administrative contact" How long will it take to complete the process? Is there something I can do to speed things up.


Timothy Wilkins

Joined: 5/3/2002

Post Re: Question on domain transfer
Friday, October 02, 2015 8:32:31 AM

We are sorry to inform you that currently we are unable to accept domain transfers for .ca domain names. We have cancelled and refunded the order.

However, you may still use our service to manage your DNS and email hosting by listing the following name servers for your domain name at the current registrar:


We are having problems sending emails to your current email address. Could you please add an alternative email address to your account in 'Contact Details' section in the control panel? Thank you.

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