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Author Topic: Differences between store/forward and forward

Alvaro Garcia

Joined: 9/28/2016

Post Differences between store/forward and forward
Thursday, March 02, 2017 8:30:25 PM

I am reading these two product but i don't see the difference between the forward service. They seems to do the same, forward the email that is sent to my email to another external email address for examplo

I am wrong? If both packages do the same, and store/forward also store the email, and the price is the same, I don't see what advantages has the fordward package.

Basically what I want is, I have a domain and I want to have unlimited email accounts like, and so on, and all the emails that are sent to any of this email accounts, forward to (an external email account).

Both packages (store/forward and forward) let me do this, or only one of these packages?

Thank you so much.
Alvaro Garcia.

xiaos Ye

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Post Re: Differences between store/forward and forward
Friday, March 03, 2017 9:38:08 AM

You should be using email forward service available at Email store/forward service is for users who host their own email servers and have port 25 blocked.

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