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DNS server use Anycast IP,

suggest DNS server use Anycast IP, This only requires 2 ~ 4 DNS servers, Implement multiple IPs nodes for one DNS server.

praveen kumar
April 30, 2020 AT 10:25 PM

Why SSC-JE, STATE-JE & AE is Best Carrier Option For Diploma and B.Tech Students In our country Govt. The sector is the Major sector, which has many departments such as PWD, Electricity, Railway, Power Generation, etc. Each and Every department recruiting JE and AE post. Many option for student, which secure our future, in Govt. sector. Students need to prepare for the examination, After Diploma and Graduation. For Diploma and students, SSC-JE/ STATE-JE/AE is the best option, which conducts the examination every year. In India Maximum Technical Govt. Sector Job Covers in SSC-JE, STATE-JE /AE Exam, So all Diploma and B.Tech holders students need to start preparing for this Exam. In SSC-JE /STATE-JE/AE Syllabus, Both Technical and Non-Technical Paper will be asked.


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