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I have selected two new services and now want to pay for them. However it seems like I have to make payment for these services one at a time. It would be useful to be able to add them into a basket and then make one payment for both.

March 28, 2022 AT 2:26 PM

Look I'm with a video game development company project and I love its panel and others and I have games like gta online mumobile mu online pc all seasons minecraft counter strike. At this moment I am in the publicity stage, really at the parties I leave a little of everything and I am coming back. I would love to be a resseler and thus obtain discounts since the project that we analyze in cost benefit I will contract many services according to the stage of the project. We are in the publicity stage, then we will move on to investment and sell later. We try to sell economical and cheap service in addition to good service. to stand out for it. not like many companies that sell bad service they charge expensive and the client lasts a month or 2 we want each client we have to last for years


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