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Great set of features and services at the right price

First I want to say Thank you! As I've been searching for these kind of services for a while, but nobody really delivered it at the right price, I used to be a customer from No-IP and DynDNS before they went big, they are got greedy, and their fancy interface is not quite user friendly. Here @Dynu, everything is right where you expect the settings to be. A nice and easy simple menu interface to control all your needs. I was so impressed with the service offer, that immediately transferred over my customers, and signed up my new customers straight with Dynu. DNS changes takes effect almost immediately, instead of several hours. This is great when you are setting up new accounts at the customer place to find out if things like emails and websites are actually working or not. The best part of Dynu is that it makes self hosting Domain names in Dynamic IP so easily, there's no need to worry about downtime anymore. For that and more it makes me and my customers Happy Campers.

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