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by Greg Miller on Monday, May 8, 2017

Hello, and thanks for this wonderful service!

When I first signed up for a free account, I registered only one name, xyz111.dynu.com ... it has been working great!

Now I'd like to set up a few more names. (I see that I can have a maximum of four free ones.) To make everything simple to remember, I would like to have all of them in the dynu.com domain. (For example, xyz222.dynu.com, xyz333.dynu.com, etc.)

However, when I begin the registration process, it appears that "dynu.com" is not available any longer. There is a long list with dynu.net and several others, but dynu.com seems to be gone.

Is it possible somehow to register more names in the dynu.com domain? If so, how do I do it, since "dynu.com" is not on the dropdown list? Or am I now stuck using one of the other domains?

Thanks in advance for clearing this up! And thanks again for the service!

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by timothytw on Tuesday, May 9, 2017

dynu.com subdomain names are offered to member users only. The high demand of dynu.com subdomains may slow down the update process so we are limiting the use of it.

You can become a member at https://www.dynu.com/en-US/Membership to register more dynu.com subdomains or you can use other domain extensions as a free user.

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