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by burtbick on Wednesday, November 9, 2016


I like Dynu and am thinking about purchasing some services from Dynu.

I have the DDNS basically working for updating my DVR external address. Much more reliable than the DDNS service from the DVR maker. So that is good.

I have ddclient running on an RPi server to do periodic updates for the external IP address (behind a NAT Router).

I am getting the IP address OK from either the router Firmware or from an external website as I can see in the debug output.

But here's the problem, the cache file has ip= (and mx=) no matter what I try. I seem to recall reading somewhere in a discussion group that this could be caused by ddclient not properly parsing the response back from the DDNS provider, but I cannot find that discussion again.

Obviously I don't want to keep hitting Dynu with update requests. I can tame it for now by editing the cache file and putting the IP address in but my concern is that when the IP address changes in the future then I'll be back to the races and if I'm away from home I won't be able to correct the problem and it will keep requesting updates every 5 minutes or so.

Has anyone else here run into that problem? That is the ddclient cache file not being properly updated. I've been digging my way though the ddclient code but thought I would ask here.


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Post Re: ddclient cache update problem
by burtbick on Wednesday, November 9, 2016


I believe that I have the issue resolved. I did a bunch more digging and it appears that the ddclient version on RPi was expecting responses from dynu.com to contain the IP address, and that was not the case. So the existing code would set ip to nothing and then update the cache file.

I patched the ddclient code and it now appears to be working properly.

Will have to do some more testing but limited tests look good.

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Thursday, November 26, 2020 12:41 AM