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by laurensblanckenborg on Monday, October 30, 2017


I recently transferred my domain to Dynu. When configuring DNS records I stumbled upon the following question:

How can I enable wildcards for subdomains?

To explain: I would like to have wildcards enabled for both the primary domain as well as for certain subdomains. So

"something.blanckenborg.net" should point to "blanckenborg.net" WHEN NO ALIAS is configured for "something.blanckenborg.net" (this is the default behavior, I have wildcards enabled for the primary domain, all ok).

"something.ans.blanckenborg.net" should point to "ans.blanckenborg.net" WHEN NO ALIAS is configured for "something.ans.blanckenborg.net", but only an A record is enabled for "ans.blanckenborg.net" (I want all queries for "*.ans.blanckenborg.net" point to "ans.blanckenborg.net").

Currently, because a separately configured subdomain (either with an 'A' record or a CNAME record) has priority over the wildcard configuration, the record "something.ans.blanckenborg.net" doesn't resolve because I configured an A record for "ans.blanckenborg.net" with no wildcards for that subdomain (I cant find a way to enter a wildcard for "ans.blanckenborg.net".

I can't use the wildcards from the primary domain because the subdomain "ans.blanckenborg.net" should point to a different IP-address than the primary domain. All requests for subdomains of "ans.blanckenborg.net "*.ans.blanckenborg.net" should then point to "ans.blanckenborg.net", so that I can create subdomains (1 level deep) for family members which they can use at their convenience including all desired subdomains (2 or more levels deep), without the need for me to create aliases for each desired 2nd level subdomain.

Can you tell me how I can create a subdomain (A record) with wildcards enabled for it?

Kind regards,
Laurens Blanckenborg

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