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by finepixels on Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Hi there,

I am currently using email Store/Forward service. So far I am happy with the service.

I used to set retry interval to 5 minutes. However, I found that the email will be dropped after a number of retries. So I changed it to 60 minutes.

My email server configured shut down at the middle of night until early morning. I noticed that all accumlated emails are not being sent at the same time once the server boot up. Those emails have to wait until the schedule time reached and trigger the sending. That means even the server boot up, I have to wait 60 minutes to receive it in the inbox.

The purpose of the Store/Forward service is to temporary backup emails in case the server/power outage. Would be possible to send all the accumlated emails at same time once the target email server was detected in service?

A happy email user.

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