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by MrDirt on Wednesday, March 6, 2019

hello all!
I am setting up an entire home network I have a good understanding of the overall process. My near term goal is to be able to remotely acess my desktop, SSH & FTP into my network & be able set up, deploy virturial machines and servers to access cloud services or acess local network storage

I have a decent grasp on the overall concept. The issue I am having is in the technical details. I do not know correct verbiage to formulate a decent search term for google to return useful information.

Case in point, I am rying to set up the API. When i go to configure th IP update I get stumped at the password word portion. I have putty, I know how to generate the MD5 keys. My problem is what file do i use to generate the MD5? Do I use my password to DYNU? I dont even know how to articulate my question to ask google.

Is there a guide, or instruction manual that will break it down Barney style. I need the cliff notes version a by the numbers guide specific to DNYU.

Thank you in advance

OS windows 10 Pro
Router: nighthawk 8300
Rig: Alienware 17R

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