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Topic: Help with DDNS GnuDIP configuration

Post Help with DDNS GnuDIP configuration
by Endimion on Tuesday, May 1, 2018

What a community.

I want to ask for your help because I have problems configuring the DDNS service on my router, since when configuring it is detailed in the GnuDIP configuration section ( The router can not connect to the service and shows an error when logging to the server.

It is worth mentioning that I have already changed the user and password on different occasions to test if the problem is solved, however I have not been successful in the configuration.

The model of my router is Secure Computing SnapGear Security Appliance model SG560.

Annex images of the configuration screen, the log file and the DDNS configuration file generated by the system.


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Post Re: Help with DDNS GnuDIP configuration
by bcs78hun on Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Did you try the HTTP settings instead of the TCP?

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