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Post Dynu Client: NOCHG until manually updating IP
by Puntherline on Sunday, November 22, 2020


My ISP assigns a new IP address every day and because of that I've had the Dynu Client installed for over 4 months now, just for conveniently accessing my private home-hosted server, and so far it worked flawlessly: Not even 5 minutes after the daily new IP, everything was accessible again.

But recently it started having issues where the IP update keeps running and fetches the most recent IP, however the program reports the "NOCHG" status, meaning that the IP address was found to be unchanged on the server side. Looking back on the activity log though, my IP address has changed.

As soon as I click the "Update IP" button on the Dynu Client, it updates again and the status switches from "NOCHG" to "GOOD", and about a minute later everything is working again.

Does anyone know why this is happening all of a sudden or maybe even a way to fix this?

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