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by didros on Friday, April 17, 2020

I want to transfer a domain of mine from another registrar to Dynu but I need to have some clarification before I do that. Let's say the name of the domain is ise.com. The website www.ise.com is already running on Wix and Wix requires to use its own name server. So currently, I have registered an external NS for ise.com (ns0.wixdns.net, ns1.wixdns.net).
When I move ise.com to Dynu, will the name server be moved to Dynu too? In that case my site www.ise.com will have down time until I register again the Wix name servers I suppose?
Next question, which is why I want to move to Dynu. I want to create a sub domain "register.ise.com" to point to another server, fast IP, that I want to manage from Dynu. Is that possible?
Thanks in advance for helping!

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