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by DPirozzi on Thursday, October 29, 2020

Hello ,

I have recently found you through my ExpressVPN Services. I had just began services and installed on my router, as VPN had recommended you. :)

With that said I went through many tutorials both your site and VPN site as i believe I have everything set up correctly and home network runs fine and pegged all devices in my home. However when it comes to my Qnap on my network it cant find this Qnap nor I can pull my Qnap up on line to finish this set up..

Either I need to set up the Qnap first with the DNS info I created and then reset up my home so I can get into the network settings?

I guess when I figure that out, my question is when i get into these settings on the Qnap my question is: Do I set up the direct IP that shows on my Router? Or Do I put in my new DNS IP and info instead?

At the end of the day I am trying to accomplish the Qnap able to get online as well I can see it on my network without my internet provider disrupting my services due to the IP changing Every month on the billing cycle?... Once I get through this I can think about membership and how Id use your service more, thank you in advance.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated - Dimitri

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