How to transfer your domain name with minimal downtime? How to transfer your doma...

How to transfer your domain name with minimal downtime?


You are a website owner and your domain name is used for your website as well as your email services. You may have been thinking of changing your domain registrar for a long time but decided to stick with them simply because you are worried about website and email downtime. This blog will show you how to transfer away from your lousy registrar with minimal downtime.

Transfer Domain Name

What name servers are you using?

If you are using the name servers of your hosting company or you host your own custom name servers, then you are all set. You can simply place a domain transfer order and follow the instructions to transfer your domain name. When domain names are transferred between registrars the name servers for the domain name will remain the same so you have nothing to worry about.

If you are using name servers of your current domain registrar, then you need to take some additional steps after you place a transfer order. As we mentioned earlier, your name servers will remain the same when your domain name is transferred away from your current domain registrar. The problem exists because your current domain registrar's name servers will stop responding to the DNS queries for your domain name as soon as your domain name is transferred out. What comes after is the website and email downtime.

How to reduce downtime?

The downtime can be reduced because you can set up a free DDNS account with us and manage DNS for your domain name even before you transfer to us. Follow the steps below closely then you should have minimal or even zero downtime during the transfer process.

  • Place a domain transfer order and apply the authorization code.
  • Unlock your domain name at your current registrar and disable domain Whois privacy if any.
  • Check the admin contact email for your domain name to make sure that you can receive emails coming to that email address.
  • An approval email will be sent to the admin contact email address asking you to approve the domain transfer. Before you approve the transfer, you MUST finish the 2 steps below as your current domain registrar will not allow you to make further changes to your domain name once you have responded to the transfer approval email.
  • Sign up for a free DNS account and set up all DNS records.
  • Change the name servers for your domain name to NS1.DYNU.COM,NS2.DYNU.COM,NS3.DYNU.COM,NS4.DYNU.COM,NS5.DYNU.COM at your current registrar.
  • Respond to the approval email and in a few days the domain transfer will be complete!

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