4 new year resolutions for domain owners 4 new year resolutions fo...

4 new year resolutions for domain owners


We are almost in 2022, how are you doing with your new year resolutions? Many resolutions are hard to keep, which is why most of us end up abandoning them. But here are 4 easy resolutions you could have made as a domain owner that would have given you a sense of accomplishment.

New Year Resolution for Domain Owners

Make sure your Whois info is up to date

Keeping the Whois information current is as important as changing the battery for your smoke detectors. The only difference is that the smoke detector will keep beeping until you replace the battery while you won't know your Whois information is out of date until one day you decide to transfer the domain name. An outdated email address is enough to create this trouble. So take 10-15 minutes and verify the contact information for all your domain names.

Enable Whois privacy

Many new domain owners may not know this, but ICANN, the organization governs domain names and internet resources, requires that domain registrants provide information such as name, address, email address and phone number when registering a domain name and make this information public for queries. You will likely receive phone calls and emails from those who are trying to sell you a service or a product related to your domain name even though it is completely useless to you. This can be easily avoided by enabling domain Whois privacy. It won't cost much but will protect your privacy and reduce spam.

Consolidate your portfolio

It is not always easy to transfer a domain name, especially with some registrars making it hard on purpose. That is why people end up having domain names across many registrars. Different registrars work differently, making it hard for you to manage your domain name and keep them current. It is always worthwhile to consolidate your portfolio by transferring your domain name to one single registrar that meets all your demands. You can transfer your domain name to us in a few simple steps and make use of our free DNS management, dynamic DNS services as well as domain forwarding features.

Set your domains on auto-renew

How many people lost their domain names because they forget to renew them? More than you think! Don't take any risks when it comes to your domain name, especially if you are hosting a website or any other live services. Set your domain name to auto-renew and add a valid payment method to your account to stop worrying about losing your domain names!

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