Report Abuse Report Abuse

To report a violation of our acceptable user's policy or any other abuses of our services, please send an email to abuse [at]

To facilitate the review of the report by our abuse team, please include in the email the following information.

  • Email subject: Abuse report: service name or domain name
  • Abuse type (spam, phishing, privacy violation etc.)
  • Proof of abuse (activity log, emails, screenshots etc.)
  • Proof of copyright or domain ownership (if applicable)
  • Any additional information in relation to the abuse

  • Once we receive the report, we will review it carefully and take actions as we see necessary. We appreciate your support in identifying any individual or organization that violate our acceptable user's policy or any other abuse of our services.

    Note: We are not a web hosting company and we have no way to remove content from a site, but we do comply with valid copyright complaints if we receive specific proof of the complaint from the copyright holder and/or authorized agent for the copyright holder. When presented with a valid complaint we can null route the related domain name so that the web content won't be available at the domain name.