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by futuredyn on Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Hi, I have following which cuses huge issue like forced reboots off servers, getting my isp static line for own ssl jump, the technique is suite ingenieus for a OS like MS :) , following happens , or ya run a workgroup then every pc name is bind to only not for LAN activity but for registering the whole LAN inside the forrest off, in a domain same issue since admins rely on a domain controller for policys but don't assign the A extension , now I boot my router with my A domain , I have 2 country based extension so it's impossible to use aptr against the IP since it's bound into an DNS master server instead off namespaces.
now i set in the router 6 ptr ms uses , msft,amazon,outlook,...
Off course these are dump IP's inside my LAN so a real DMZ zone , problem becomes off course much greater, as RDP 3389 uses TCP and UDP the change off the port doesn't affect the inline service that is a service using 3389 and with NNAT and virtual router like teredo they make a virtual loopback on the pc and the IIS behind acts as gateway, port 80 and 443 makes this abuse as it's no web based , it's a intrusion inside every device. , my level on IT is off the " Real hacker" , so protecting , Since SSL is no invention as a portal we use 2 decades , only the UDP is used as stateless datagram so no hops , but no VPN like TCP 1723 , a public ip6 abuse off inside devices , for rehacking this "crime" I was thinking more on users outgoing traffic to run a dhcp ISP, together with a Ddyn ip the lease changeing every 60 mins and using the dyn as a proxy makes microsoft abuse an impossible setup as I passes the proxy a use a A domain extension relay , so in the LAN the IP is not known nor the domain, browsers go out but as soon the browser makes a real web request http or https is the upper protocol using TCP 80 or 443 , al traffic non web related will fail as the relay connects with a country domain A , but the loopback never get's this back... this is a serious issue as it damaged lot , i'm a company and as ya can check my account ya see what I use ad do... As all the noise off privacy the real issue is much huger , hopefully dyn can help in this, else Oracle dynIP?

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Sunday, December 9, 2018 1:41 PM