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by tcopachuca on Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Good afternoon.

I would like request your help with this issue.

We have a dns service with you, great service, by the way.
Our current ddns is: trialfa.dynu.com

We are installing a second server, and we decided to install a second ddns to do some previous tests with the new server.

I registered a, by the moment, free ddns, to start the tests.
Both servers are connected to internet through different routers.

But, suddenly the both ddns started to mix, or make a maze with the ip address. At the end both, ddns had the same ip address and my remote users were unable to connect to any of both servers.

I requested your help, and got a repply suggesting me to create a group for each ddns.

I did that and it made the trick.

But it started the issue.
Before the change, my remote users could connect to trialfa.dynu.com in a couple of seconds.
Now, it takes even a half of a minute.

I removed second dns name and remove both groups. Trying left things like before.
But the issue still remains, i mean, it takes almost 30 seconds to remote users to connect to trialfa,dynu.com

Please, help me. How can i fix this?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards.

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