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by onal apart on Friday, August 11, 2017

Hi, i want to setup ddns for my Zyxel VMG3312-B10B modem. I fill info in my modem but i am not sure if i am right. I am using static ip service. it prevents me to sure if i made my ddns setting correct and it will update my ip to your ddns server.
In modem page there is
Service Provider: I chose GnuDIP
Host Name : mydecidedname.dynu.net
User name : my username when i register here
password: my password when i register here
DNS server : i am not sure about this. Some page on your forum write api.dynu.com but your main ddns page there is NS1 NS2... NS10.dynu.com server adress. Which one is right?
Could you help me to setup it and help me how i can be sure if my modem send ip update to dynu. Because after sure that i will disable my static ip from ISP.

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