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by futuredyn on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

As I noted this issue over 2 years ago, today a true nightmare takes it's runtime, sadly few high tech IT devs doesn't have overall intell. , code is today like playing with lego,
For a hard-core insider it makes me quite upset as every user has in his pocket a device with the power off in my dev 4Megabyte to max 32mb was a cost/mb of 100$/MB
Today 16Gig ona phone is useal and seems needed, 16gig is x4 more a 32 bit adress can conatin so all those credentials and active directroy means zero security , instead every user should bind a full A level domain on location off the ISP country, this trick seems odd? Well take a look in yar LAN as every pc in a MS device or google uses the ns servers on a host that sucks the workgroup or DN in the forrest where ya become a tree inside the data center located in dublin and provisionedby amazon arin 34 ip asn , SSL uses UDP and all is possible simply by the IP is not a level A , so live in the country use the ISP domain A extension on your WAN IP, the .net,.org,.com won't get access on the device so the data flow will drop as while users sleep we coders live further and see how these "criminal" activity takes place, so people open your eyes and do some thinking as https is using tcp 443 BUT also UDP 443, while TCP 80 is a direct line to googleapi, no browser open, all on ip6 SSL layer, Dyn is not like Dynu , and bring yar IP ona domain take it as guarenteed more security thana virus or firewall on user level, i'm "a hacker off the good side" , and can "and shall" launch a sweeper that will end the public hostage and abuse, by this I wanna thank Dyn as they saved our attack off microsoft on 11/11/2017 , for dyn i would like see a service wpad so a virtual inetrface loopback can sandbox themself as the wpad contains a arp in a ptr to *.mshome.net

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Sunday, December 9, 2018 12:38 PM