Are you familiar with these DNS records: CAA, URI, LOC Are you familiar with the...

Are you familiar with these DNS records: CAA, URI, LOC


Are you familiar with these DNS records: CAA (Certification Authority Authorization), URI (Uniform Resource Identifier), LOC (Location).

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CAA (Certification Authority Authorization)

Certification Authority Authorization (CAA) records allow a domain name holder to specify one or more Certification Authorities (CAs) authorized to issue certificates for that domain. (RFC 6844) Adding a CAA record to a domain allows you to reduce the likelihood of someone obtaining an unauthorized SSL certificate for your domain. CAA records are also inherited by subdomains which means that a CAA record set for will also apply to any subdomain, such as unless it is overridden. Below is an example of a CAA record for a domain which authorizes certificates to be issued by Comodo. CAA 0 issue “”
URI (Uniform Resource Identifier)

A Uri Record is a DNS record used to represent raw actions. A URI consists of a prefix and its contents. The record is a means for publishing mappings from hostnames to URIs. A URI record looks like the below: 90 IN URI 10 1 ""
ftp: service.
tcp: protocol which is the transport protocol of the desired service. It is usually TCP or UDP. name. the domain name for which this record is for.
90: TTL.
10: priority which is the priority of the target host. The lower the value, the higher the priority.
1: weight which is used for records with the same priority. Higher value means more preferred.
"": target which holds the URI of the target enclosed in double-quote.

LOC (Location)

A LOC record specifies geographic location information for a domain name. It contains the following information: Latitude / Longitude. Altitude. Size (diameter of the location described). Horizontal / Vertical precision of the data. A sample record of for the coordinates: 64°22′23″N 38°45′32″W looks like the below: IN LOC 64 22 23.000 N 38 45 32.000 E -2.00m 0.00m 10000m 10m
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