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by Michael Somerville on 2015年7月15日


I am trying to get support on the Email Backup Service that I purchased last year. It hasn't worked for me since I purchasing, and I need support figuring out why.

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by timothytw on 2015年7月15日

There are two things that need to be set up for the email backup service to work.

The first thing is correct MX records. You have setup our email servers as backup MX record so this part should have no problem.

The other one is the ETRN host and ETRN port. When your email server goes offline, our email servers will receive your emails for you and forward them to the ETRN host on the ETRN port. We did a port check on your ETRN host and port at and found that port 26 on could not be reached while port 25 could be reached. If you are running your email server on port 25, you should change the ETRN port to 25, which would solve your problem.

For more information, you may refer to

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Post Re: Email Backup Problem
by michaelcinihu on 2015年7月15日

Thank You;
I will make the change and test, but before doing so. I have further
However, does this explain why mail sent to me during an outage has been
returned to the sender?
My expectation would be that mail sent to me when my server does not
respond on Port 25, is that it would be stored, and not returned to sender
as undeliverable.
This has been reported to me by multiple individuals, and therefore
suggests to me that instead of being received and stored in a "holding pen"
for future delivery, mail was bouncing back to sender.
Could just changing the port in your management console correct that
And, can we test and validate that the issue I have described above has
been resolved?

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Post Re: Email Backup Problem
by timothytw on 2015年7月15日

When our email server receives the emails for your domain name, it will attempt every 10 minutes to deliver the queued emails for 30 days. Since the ETRN port was not correctly setup, so all queued emails could not be delivered, which could probably explain the emails being returned.

Could you please change the ETRN port and let us know how it works for you?

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2024年6月16日 23:12