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by William Powell on 2017年5月26日

I've just started your services and am having an issue with your smtp relay sevice which exchange calls a smarthost. I am getting authentication errors. I need to know whst account and password I need to use to properly authenticate to your server so I can send email.

Thank you

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by timothytw on 2017年5月26日

We checked your account and found that you have email store/forward service for domain name, not SMTP outbound relay.

Email store/forward service allows you to receive emails for your domain name on a port other than port 25. SMTP outbound relay service allows you to use our email server to send emails for your domain name where our email server will act as a smarthost. You may sign up for SMTP outbound relay service at Once you sign up for the service, you can use the following username and password:

Password: your account password

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