Dynamic DNS in 4 simple steps. Access guaranteed. Dynamic DNS in 4 simple s...

Dynamic DNS in 4 simple steps. Access guaranteed.


Our free dynamic DNS service saves you the trouble of manually tracking ever-changing IP addresses without paying for an expensive static IP address. With Dynu's free DDNS service, you are provided a unique hostname to link to your router, security camera, file storage system, home automation solutions etc. We track the dynamic IP that is used to access these devices and map the hostname to it so that you always have access. Dynamic DNS may seem like a complicated matter, but the truth is, it is very simple and you can set it up with these 4 simple steps.

Master Dynamic DNS Service
Sign up for a free account

The first step is to sign up for a free account with an easy-to-remember hostname here. The hostname will be the way you connect to your device instead of the complicated IP address. Type in a name such as homenet in Host and click Add button. Fill out the required information and create your account.

Run the IP update client

Running an IP Update Client is necessary when using Dynamic DNS. The Dynamic Update Client works by checking your IP address at an interval of your choice (e.g. 5 minutes) and update the hostname once an IP change is detected. That way, your device will always stay online.

Some devices may already have our dynamic DNS service built in. In that case, you can simply navigate to the application's Dynamic DNS Service section and do the setup.

Set up port forwarding in the router

You may have more than one device you want to connect to and you can use the same hostname for all the devices on the same network as they are connected to the same router and share the same IP. Different devices can be identified by setting up port forwarding in your router or enabling bridge mode in your modem. Instructions on how to set up port forwarding for different devices can be found here.

Connect to your device

If you have done the configurations above properly, you can now run your services and access your device using the hostname or hostname: port you created! If you have any problems, you can check the FAQ section of our website or open a trouble ticket.

As an industry leading dynamic DNS service provider, our dynamic DNS service boasts fast IP updates and short DDNS propagation time. Mastering the 4 steps above will guarantee access to your device at all times. The best thing is you only need to do the DDNS setup one time!

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