How to transfer an existing domain to Dynu? How to transfer an existi...

STEP 1: Place a domain transfer order

If you want to transfer your domain name from your current registrar to Dynu in order to avail free dynamic DNS services as well as low costs, please click here to place a domain transfer. You do not lose the years on the domain registration you have at the current registrar. Instead, you will get an additional year added to it in most cases.

STEP 2: Check your domain status

You may click here to check your domain status.

  • The domain name must not be within 60 days of its initial registration or within 60 days of being transferred from another registrar.
  • You domain name is not expired. If it is, it should be in your registrar's grace period (0-30 days depending on the registrar).
  • Domain must be in "unlocked" state. Usually, a domain is in "ClientTransferProhibited" status which means the domain cannot be transferred. You need to contact your current registrar to unlock the domain for transfer.

STEP 3: Obtain your Auth Code

Auth Code(Authorization code) is also called EPP Key. It is required when transferring domains from one registrar to another. The transfer Authorization Code is created when the domain is first registered and can be obtained from the current registrar for your domain. Some registrars offer facilities for you to generate and manage your own Auth Code. In other cases, you will need to contact the registrar directly to obtain it. The registrar must provide you with the Auth Code within 5 calendar days of your request. The auth code has a minimum length of 8 characters and a maximum length of 32 characters. The auth code must contain the following:

  • At least one alphabetic character ('a'-'z', 'A'-'Z')
  • At least one numeric character ('0'-'9')
  • At least one special character

STEP 4: Complete the transfer

After you supply the correct Auth Code, your domain will be pending release from the current registrar. The current [losing] registrar has 5 calendar days to approve or reject the transfer request.

  • If the current registrar explicitly approves the request, then the domain is transferred
  • If the current registrar explicitly rejects the request, then the transfer will be terminated immediately.
  • If the current registrar takes no action by the end of 5 calendar days, then the request is automatically approved.
You will receive a confirmation email when your domain is transferred to Dynu. For most generic TLD such as .com, .net and .org, you get an extra year when the domain transfer completes unless your domain was in autoRenew status with the old registrar when you initiated the transfer. For some other extensions such as .uk or, you do not get an extra year.

NOTE : If you are currently using another DNS service provider and will switch to our DNS service after the transfer, please first back up the DNS configurations at your current DNS service provider and set up your DNS records by signing up for the DNS service to avoid any downtime. Once the auth code has been submitted and the domain enters Pending Transfer Period, a domain name cannot be modified. This includes name server or domain name status modifications, sync operations, and explicit renewals.