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Domain Whois privacy: protect your personal information from advertisers


Do you get a lot of spam calls on your phone? or unsolicited emails offering to build a new website for your domain name? How about SEO offers that promise to boost your Google rankings? You may wonder how those people get to know your phone number and email address after you register a domain name?

When your domain name is registered, ICANN creates a record of the domain owner's information and makes it public in their Whois database. This database aims to enhance online security by tracing the domain name if abused, however, this also means that spammers have free access to the contact information (phone number, email address, physical address) of anyone who registers a domain name.

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What problems will you face?

You will likely receive phone calls and emails from those who are trying to sell you a service or a product related to your domain name even though it is completely useless to you. Even worse, some may try to steal your credit card information etc. Some of the messages may be:

  • Offers of other domain names similar to the domain names that you own
  • Website building offers for your newly-registered domain names
  • SEO services to boost your website's rankings
  • Fake domain name notices that try to get you to transfer the domain to another registrar at a low registration but inflated renewal rate
  • Phishing emails that direct you to a web page stealing your password or even credit card information

Not only these phone calls and emails a nuisance to your life, some may even be dangerous as they try to steal your identity or banking information.

Is there a solution?

Yes, you can use Whois privacy to keep your personal information out of the Whois database. When you enable Whois privacy for your domain name, your contact information is substituted by that of the proxy company. Spam will be filtered out and legitimate emails will be transferred to you while protecting your privacy. You no longer need to worry about spam emails and robocalls since your contact information will no longer be displayed in the public database.

How to enable Whois privacy?

We offer Whois privacy for $4.99/year per domain name. You can enable it directly in the control panel after you register your domain name. However, some country TLDs such as .us, .eu, .de, .uk, .be do not allow Whois privacy. If you are deciding between a .us and .com domain name and you do not want your personal information available to the public, you should avoid registering .us domain names.

Get domain Whois privacy for your domain name at $4.99/year. It’s a small price to pay for protecting your privacy.

Anthony Cooper
July 27, 2017 AT 14:17

Domain whois privacy is a must-have for me. I used to be bothered a lot by spam emails and phone calls offering web services for my domain names, which all went away after I started using domain Whois privacy.


J A Brandon
March 7, 2021 AT 22:08

I just bought a domain with you guys. I was not offered whois privacy as a option at the time of purchase. I assumed it was included. I instantly started getting spam! Thanks Dynu...NOT! I should have bought it from the registrar I've long used. for 13.94 a year they included in automatically. I'm disappointed.


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