Resources Resources

There are a number of platforms where you can help yourself to accomplish your goals. You can learn about, implement and troubleshoot your issues using the provided resources. Apart from the below resources, you may also make use of our support area to seek professional advice or peer opinions.
Advanced API
The API is available to perform core functions of the control panel and more programmatically. It is a powerful resource and a great alternative to managing your services through our conventional web control panel.

DNS Blogs
The Blog area keeps you connected with everything from us. Get the latest information on new product releases, trending tech topics, discounts and sales as well as tips&tricks on how to use your service.

DNS Records
DNS Records are basically mapping files that tell the DNS server which IP address each domain is associated with, and how to handle requests sent to each domain. This section introduced different types of DNS records and how they are used.

Frequently Asked Questions
The Frequently Asked Questions area has brief, easy-to-understand answers to most commonly asked questions about a particular product, service, or topic.

Dynamic DNS IP Update Protocol
The IP Update Protocol is used to control the state of dynamic DNS and email services. This HTTP/HTTPS based protocol has been in use since 1997 for Dynu services and the latest version is 2.4.21.

DNS Network Tools
Network Tools provide various tools including DNS lookup, Ping, Port Check, Location By IP etc. You may utilize these tools to diagnose issues for your services. SSL Tools can be used to troubleshoot, test, check, generate, verify, convert as well as manage common SSL issues.

DNS support
The Support area provides you with information, updates and instructions regarding our products and services. You will find various materials to help you navigate and use your DDNS services and domain names. Let our experts help you get the most out of your solution.

The Tutorials page is composed of a number of tutorials on how to use the services and how to set up your devices. Each tutorial has step to step guides to help you make the best use out of Dynu services.