Account and service password Account and service passw...

Users can create strong passwords that contain special characters for your accounts with us. You can use the password to log into the control panel and the passwords with special characters are accepted by our IP update clients as well.

However, third party devices (routers/cameras/DVRs) and IP update clients may not allow special characters and/or may limit length for passwords. If you are using our dynamic DNS service with those devices/software, you can set up a separate IP update password in the Manage Credentials section in the control panel.

What characters can I use in my password?

There are some simple rules that you can follow when creating/changing your password:

1. Your password must be 4-20 characters long.
2. Your password cannot contain spaces.
3. Remember that UPPERCASE letters are different from lowercase letters (for example, A is treated as different from a).

The following special characters can be used in passwords:
curly brackets { } round brackets ( ) square brackets [ ]
hash # colon, semi-colon : ; caret ^
comma , full-stop . question mark ?
exclamation mark ! bar or pipe | ampersand &
underscore _ backtick ` tilde ~
at @ dollar $ percent %
slash and backslash / \ arithmetic symbols =+-* single and double/quotes " '
The following characters are also permitted:

  • Uppercase [A-Z] and lowercase [a-z] English alphabet characters
  • Digits 0-9
The following are permitted, but may cause problems on some systems:

  • 'greater than': >
  • 'less than': <
You may not use any of the following characters:

  • Any accented or non-english alphabetic characters: ü î ø å é etc.

Passwords for dynamic DNS service

Users can use account passwords for dynamic DNS service and all our IP update clients (Windows/Mac OS X/Linux/Chrome extension) accept account passwords with special characters presented above. However, some third party devices/software may not allow users to enter passwords with special characters. In that case, users can change your passwords to match the limitations of those devices/software.


Users can set up an IP update password in Manage Credentials section in the control panel for IP update purposes only.


Users can use MDS hash or SHA2-256 of the account password or IP update password with third party applications.

Passwords for email service

Users can use passwords that contain special characters as described above with all email services.