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by emil01 on 2019年1月22日


I have setup email store and forward for 4 domains.
2 of these domains need outbund smtp relay too.

In my exchange server I created a send connector with credentials and port 2525. This is working fine for "emilweb.net". If I want to use "oosterhoven.nl" I have to user a deferent username in your service, but I would not know how to send "oosterhoven.nl" using a different send connector in Exchange.

Do you have any solution?

Thnx in advance,

Emil Oosterhof

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by emil01 on 2019年1月22日

Reply from service:

You have signed up for outbound relay service for both domain names so you can use just one single connector and either one credential. The username and password for emilweb.net will work for oosterhoven.nl as well and vice versa.

I am verry happy with this answer.


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