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by mbaros on 2018年3月4日


I have a account under which I added 2 different domains (let's say and

Whenever I download the dynu client on some machine and do "update-ip" it updates the IP of both my domains. How can I set it to updated just one donain so I can have 2 different computers configured on 2 different domains which are whthin 1 account?

Thanks in advance

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by grahamxpromz on 2018年3月8日

in the manage Dynamic DNS Service, you have an option to define a location. This is either at the global (Domain) or DNS record level. Configure the client to use the same location (its just a label) to control what is updated.

This allows many different hosts update different domains and or DNS records all with the same account. Once you figure it out its really simple yet powerful. I have a couple of domains and various hosts/aliases that are all updated differently. This was not such a big deal when I was only IPv4 and all NAT's to teh same address, but with IPv6, all hosts have a public routable address and hence I need then to update the address should my prefix change.

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