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Post email backup service MX record priority
by Eric Chak on 2017年6月21日

Hi there,
we currently sign up two domain email backup service, we have some questions about the setup of our current DNS mx record:

1. we had add MX1.DYNU.COM and MX2.DYNU.COM to our mx record. as our original server with Priority 0, we add as 5 and as 10, is it correct?

2. we put another domain with primary mx record original with Priority 10, then we add as 15 and as 20, is it correct?


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Post Re: email backup service MX record priority
by timothytw on 2017年6月21日

What you have described are correct settings. The lower the number, the higher the priority. Your setup ensures that your own email servers have higher priority than the backup Dynu servers.

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