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by Maughanorama on 2020年3月9日

hi this ddns is setup correctly with the correct ip address however it does no resolve in my dns or https://mxtoolbox.com/

any help greatly appreciated


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Post Re: cjm.mywire.org
by vesey on 2020年3月9日

I noticed that even though the hostname myhost.mywire.org does not resolve over the internet, the IP address in the Dynu control panel is still the correct one and keep updating to the most current ones.

If anyone has issues accessing their device using the hostname, you can access it using the IP address found in the Dynu control panel and then create a new hostname to point to your device and swap the mywire.org hostname.

Also, if you use the service for work/business, it's best that you register your own top-level domain name like youdomain.com and create subdomains like device1.mydomain.com. It is your own domain name and not shared so it should be more secure. A .com domain costs only $10.99 to register.

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Post Re: cjm.mywire.org
by vesey on 2020年3月10日

The mywire.org domain is back up.

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