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by GavC666 on 2021年5月16日

Good afternoon,

I have followed your guide on enabling a script to auto update my public IP using a raspberry Pi without much success.

Cron is working as expected.
If i run the script the tellback indicates all was succesful and the dynu.log is created however this always has 1 entry of "nochg".
When on my home network i can log into your website where is see my Public IP, I can also confirm this on my router but the ddns IP remains on a previous address. If i force the ddns IP shown on your site to that of my actual public IP my vpn can access my home network as expected but after force a public IP change from my ISP the setup fails again.

Please help.

ps I have a new build rpi model b with Pi-hole running as dns and wireguard for vpn. Nothing else is installed on this machine.



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Post Re: Unsucessful Auto IP Update
by xiaoye on 2021年5月17日

nochg means there has been no change of IP in your network so no IP update will be performed. https://www.dynu.com/DynamicDNS/IP-Update-Protocol#responsecode

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