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Post Synology router rt2600ac - custom ddns
by rafalm on 2017年5月27日

Hi All,
I have configured Synology router using the instructions from
The Custom ddns option is not available by default so I have followed the following instruction:
wrote:SSH into the NAS and edit /etc.defaults/ddns_provider.conf file. Add the following entry to the file and save it.
and used the given query

It looks like it is working as shown in the screenshot
Sorry, the screenshot I uploaded to imgbb does not seem to be working.
There is a green Normal shown in the Network Centre >> QuickConnect & DDNS section
However, when I try to connect to the router by using the registered domain nothing happens.

Is there anyone out there who succeeded in setting up ddns on Synology rt2600ac?


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Post Re: Synology router rt2600ac - custom ddns
by timothytw on 2017年5月31日

Looks like you are using a .eu domain name. Did you list the following Dynu name servers for your domain name at your domain registrar:

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Post Re: Synology router rt2600ac - custom ddns
by rafalm on 2017年5月31日

Hi Timothy,
Thank you so much for pointing this out.
The registrar is and I have found the option to set custom Nameservers.
The original name servers used were

Which I have replaced with

For each nameserver there is an option to add an IP address but I have left these blank as the original ones were also unfilled.

Unfortunately this still did not work.
This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.

I have tried clearing cookies from the browser and using private mode as cache and cookies have been a problem for me in the past in another case regarding ddns. (I think)
After a few more minutes (maybe 10) I got through and it looks like it is working.

Thank you Timothy!

EDIT: I am not out of the woods yet. Not everything is working fine but I will keep trying and update this post with some more information.

But still, Timothy, your post was very helpful. Thank you!

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